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I do not live in the USA but like many of my fellow Canadians we feel the attack of Sept.11 2001 was an attack against us! Our heart and prayers go out to those that lost love ones.


A senseless loss of so many lives
Mothers, fathers, husbands, wives
They are the heroes we will remember
Every 11th of September.

In a senseless act that was less than humane
Their lives were taken away
Although gone, they are not forgotten
In our hearts they will always stay.

So join with me now in a silent prayer
Let us never forget this day
Our way of life was attacked today
But FREEDOM is going to stay.

By Terri Robinson

There are many "RUMOURS" circulating the Net lately about WTC. Read about them HERE.

I am happily married(1991) to Terri.


(the love of my life).
I have 4 kids.


Stacy and Jason (PJ)

And "The Boys"


David (the giant)



Canada Cares
Even if we are not on the front lines�
Canada Cares
Despite the anti war protests
Canada Cares
Even if our PM refuses to support the war effort�
Canada Cares
Because the PM DOES NOT speak for all of us!
Canada Cares
We pray for the troops because
Canada Cares

I am Paul Godfrey and I AM CANADIAN AND I CARE!!

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